Friday, July 20, 2012

Last days of sale

For the past week the Garden Cottage has been having a summer sale. A large majority of the merchandise has been marked down up to 60% and items have been flying out of the store. The sale ends Sunday which also happens to be our last day open until October.

Come stock up on your Thymes products now. When the store re-opens in October be prepared to see some fantastic new merchandise! Laurie, Doug and Dominique just returned from market in Atlanta and the store is going to be bursting with cool, unusual and elegant items, everything from a vintage, one-of-a-kind neon sign to cedar gardening boxes to the most delicate of jewelry. We can hardly wait.

The store may close but we will all still be hard at work revamping the interior. If you absolutely must have something, please call Laurie or Dominique at 305-294-3040 and we will open up JUST FOR YOU! Doug is going to be enjoying a month at his summer home in New York, lucky duck.

Have a great summer everyone!