Saturday, April 3, 2010

Heirloom Seeds For Sale

Every Garden Cottage needs to carry seeds and at The Garden Cottage Key West we carry a line of Heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Farm located in Missouri. The seeds are incredible and we carry a large assortment of vegetables with an emphasis on tomatoes. Some of the tomato varieties include:

Money Maker
Green Zebra
Great White
Golden Jubilee
Henderson's Crimson Cushion
Cherokee Purple
Yellow Pear
Arkansas Traveler
Royal Chico

We also carry heirloom seeds for carrots, lettuces, peppers, parsnips, radishes, spinach, leeks, squash, eggplant, turnip, cauliflower, okra and a variety of herbs including Genovese basil, lemon basil, thyme, chives and cilantro.

Some of the heirloom flower seeds include: Cockscomb Amish, poppy frosted salmon, Mexican sunflowers, lemon queen sunflower, teddy bear sunflower, snapdragon black prince, petunia, marvel of Peru 4 o'clock and bachelor button baby blue.
I have planted some of seeds in random pots I had laying around just to see how they grew and it has been very rewarding to come to the each day and check on the progress of the seedlings. I have never had an personal experience with certain flowers like snapdragons and petunias but as you can see here, they are growing!

Petunias on the left, snapdragon in the middle and Genovese basil on the right. (I can't wait to try some on a Caprese salad!)

The best part about the seeds is the price. Most are priced at $2.50 per pack with a few coming in at $1.50. Such a small price to pay for the hours of enjoyment you can derive from tending to the plants and of course the enjoyment culminates in the final edible product. So what are you waiting for? Come on in for your heirloom seeds today and get the seeds sprouting!

Happy gardening everyone.