Friday, May 11, 2012

End of an era

Key Westers's awoke to the sad news Thursday morning that Duval Street icon, "Fast Buck Freddie's Department Store" would be closing it's doors after 27 years in business. The owners cite that the retail market has changed with customers scanning products with their IPhone to find the same merchandise at lower prices. The brick and mortar retail market has changed and it will be a sad day in America when all of the privately owned boutiques stores have to close their doors. Duval Street will be forever changed as the next tenant will most likely be a major chain retailer that can be found in any mall, anywhere in America. If you love a small shop, please try to make a purchase in it. Yes, you might be able to save five or ten dollars by purchasing online but is that really how you want to make all future purchases? Is there no value to be had by talking to the shop clerk, handling the merchandise and perusing merchandise on a rainy day?

At Garden Cottage we strive to have merchandise available at every price point. We sell this adorable kitchen towel for $6.75.
This one with the chickens sells for $5.75.

It's not alot of money but these small sales can determine the fate of a retail shop. So the next time you are in a shop and you leave saying, "I love your shop", please leave with a purchase in hand, no matter how small.

Happy gardening...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My, my, where does the time go? One moment it is New Years Eve and all of a sudden it's the second week in May! Season in Key West started out slow but ended up great. The weather was so warm across the country that some of our usual snowbirds opted to stay home and enjoy their own gardens.

Just in time for spring and summer we have received our line of Bosom Buddy bags. Woven of high quality reed and wrapped leather straps these fabulous bags will last a lifetime. They vary in size, shape and price so come in to try one out. They really add the perfect splash of color to a summer luncheon outfit.

Also new to the store is our extensive selection of "The Thymes" a complete line of fragrance for bath, body and home made right here in America, in Minneapolis, Minnesota of all natural ingredients. This line of personal care is extremely popular with our customers and we have several fragrances available. My personal favorite is Moonflower.
As always, we continually carry an assortment of pots and planters. Here are some of the newest arrivals.

Our website has been updated for purchases. Many of you are waiting for the ever popular starfish garland to arrive and I believe we may a have little while to go. We have ordered mass quantities and hope to have it continually in stock from here on out. It's fun to walk through the streets of Old Town and see it hanging along the porches of the beautiful little conch houses. We invite past customers to send in photos of their garland and we will post it here on our blog.

Here's to a wonderful summer! Happy gardening!