Friday, July 29, 2016

Sunburn Saver

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We are lucky in Key West to have “Key West Pinks” right in our own waters. However, this dish will work equally well with any variety of shrimp and as with most everything, the fresher the better. This is such a great dish for entertaining because the shrimp marinate with the garlic, getting infused, so you can prepare this before guests arrive. Then all you need to do is quickly cook them up right before you are ready to serve. Here goes.

Either peel & devein shrimp yourself, my preferred way, or buy them that way. Truly, either is perfectly fine. Lay them out in a bowl or platter and pour over a good amount of extra virgin olive oil. They want to be swimming in it, this will all make sense in a bit. Chop up finely several cloves of garlic and spread about. Liberally salt and pepper the whole lot. Cover and refrigerate until you are ready to cook. Or cook right away, just let that mixture sit for at least 15 minutes. It can sit in the fridge for a good long while marinating. Next zest 2 lemons, putting the zest in a bowl. Then juice those 2 lemons into the same bowl. Set aside. Then chop up a generous handful of Italian parsley. Place in a little bowl. You will use this later.

Get water boiling for pasta. Cook a box of your favorite linguine. If you use fresh, even better. While that is cooking away, you are ready to cook the shrimp. 

On the stove top, get a pan heated on medium high, add a big knob of butter. Place the shrimp, all the olive oil they have been swimming in, plus the garlic into the pan. Cook the shrimp not more than 2 minutes a side. Take off of heat. Add the lemon zest/juice from the waiting bowl. Stir around. The lemon mixes with the butter and the olive oil to make a bit of a sauce. Then add the parsley. After you have drained the pasta, add all, the shrimp mixture & pasta, back into the empty but still warm pasta pot. Place the lid back on and let sit for a few minutes to marry all those amazing flavors. Serve. 
Just so simple and hearty. Ample enough to serve just as it is, with a green salad, baguette and a glass of wine. For a heartier dish, simply grill up some steaks and serve alongside for a summery surf and turf.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's our labor day sale and the last sale of the season so hurry down! Everything on the porch and in the store is 30% off August 30-31.

Cottage will be CLOSED for the month of September, reopening October 4th.

We thank everyone for a WONDERFUL year! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Think outside the box with this planter. Not only will it look fabulous with a a big leafy fern, it will also serve purpose fabulously as a catchall for towels, toys, magazines and even garden tools. Only two in stock...

Friday, June 27, 2014

Garden Angel

This heavenly angel will watch over you and yours. Available at Cottage. $62.50.
Made of cast stone & concrete in the USA by a company that has been in business for three generations.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Bench

We have this fun bench for sale that works well inside or on a covered porch. It is pale yellow in color and very comfortable.  Come check it out for yourself.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Garden Gnome

Am I the only one who likes garden gnomes? I think not. Every garden, whether manicured or wildly overgrown, deserves a gnome to keep watch over the bugs and birds. This little fella is named Toby. He is actually made of paper mache and would be happiest nestled in some greenery on your covered porch or inside your home.
Meet Toby's friend and mentor, Fred. Fred may look a little strange but he's a good egg with a sardonic sense of humor. He too is made of paper mache. These two gnomes are waiting for good homes.